Carpet Stains & Pet Odor

Our goal when treating your carpet is to not only remove the stain but to make sure there is no odor after we leave. This can be very tricky especially if we don’t know what caused the stain. We treat the stain according to what it is. So, when we come to clean your carpets the more information the better. We want to do our best to figure it out. For example when it comes to pet stains we need to use the right chemical according to the content of the urine. An animal’s urine content can make a big difference in how we treat it. Most importantly is the stain get reated right away! So make sure you call SuperSteam the next time you need your carpets cleaned for stains and odor.

Hardwood Floor

It seems like the mistake many homeowners make is waiting to long to re-sand and re-coat their hardwood floors. When they do decide to re-coat they find it can be very expensive. In this economy we know you can’t afford to spend money you don’t have. However, you do have another option. We can deep clean your hardwood floors with the Bona Power Scrubber. It’s not as expensive and can make your floors look like new. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your carpets cleaned and hardwood floors cleaned at the same time? By the same company? We can do that! Call us today for a quote.

Reasons To Choose SuperSteam

The Ones To Call When You Want It Done Right!

We get it done right by using two key ingredients.


  • Technology That Works
  • People Who Care


Technology That Works

Our state of the art cleaning system is really pretty simple. It delivers Truck Mounted Steam at high temperatures, while providing consistent water pressure and unbelievable vacuum. All of this combines to insure you get the most thorough cleaning possible.

We never leave your carpets sticky with a lot of residue or wet for days. How? By control. We control the amount of water coming in, allowing us to leave your carpet dry to the touch in hours, not days.

People Who Care

For people in the Denver area our goal is simple, we want to provide the highest quality cleaning experience and do it in such a way that you are not inconvenienced. We know what works, we have been doing it for many years

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